Alp Action – The International Corporate Fund for the Evironment – was launched in February 1990 during the annual World Economic Forum Meeting in Davos. It operated until 2003 under the supervision of the Bellerive Foundation, and now is an independant organism and non-political for actions and awareness to the Environment.

The late Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, with the Bellerive foundation, worked for the respect of humanity and the environment. His environmental work was born from the desire to respect the precept of Dr. Brundtland in Our Common Future – “sustainable development is a development that meets present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own”.

Alp Action’s environmental work has been continued by the Earth Focus Foundation since 2008.

The aim of the Foundation is to encourage and promote young people’s understanding of the environment and sustainable development by empowering them to feel they have a role in helping to create a better world.

Earth Focus Foundation is a Swiss Foundation, founded to continue the work with young people of the renowned Bellerive Foundation.

Its objective is to support environmental and sustainable development education providing its skills and expertise on these issues, for the benefit of young people.

The Foundation’s projects are to share experiences promoting positive stimulation and knowledge, understanding and respect for the entire population of the world and the environment. In a rapidly changing world this education is essential for young people to take action and responsibility locally and internationally.

Since 2006 Earth Focus Foundation is the representative in Switzerland (first Suisse-romande) for Green Map.

Recognised worldwide since 1995 by Green Map Systems Inc. which controls the trade marks.

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