Green Maps Alps (Davos, Verbier)

Green Map was launched on March 25, 1995. With the involvement of the O2 ecological design network, we developed the global system upon the foundation inspired by the first Green Map, which was published in New York in 1992. The brainchild of Wendy Brawer, the Green Map project was collaborative, right from the start.

Local and global networks began to blossom to support and connect the people making the maps of their home communities around the world. As we learned from their amazing publications, methods and innovations, the Green Map toolkit grew as it helped more cities build local leadership capacity, knowledge and networks. Learn more here…

Let’s discover the Alps

The vision of the Alp Action Programme is to create universal respect for the Alps and alpine ecology among young people living there, the future stewards of these natural places. To that end, our mission is to sensibilize young people in the 7 alpine countries – using all educational tools available – to take action to stop pollution and halt the effects of climate change in their communities. Read more here…

Earth Focus Magazine

Following the historic Rio Earth Summit in 1992, a lively debate was held at the Pregny campus of the Geneva International School. With the help Mr. David Batten, the outcome of that discussion led to the publication of the first Earth Focus magazine.

Since then, 36 issues have been published and circulated worldwide to reach the very places being discussed in some of its articles fostering exchange and further discussion. Students at every level, whether primary, secondary or in higher education contributed content as well as regular input by a host of experts. Some of those issues are concerning mountain areas and are available here.